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Beneath The Skin - 100 Nudes
shown at DIVA (Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts) in Eugene, Oregon, March 2008.
Here is the blurb in the Eugene Weekly about my talk. Here is an image of opening night.

Here is a brief, but interesting, review of my show, which aired on VizCity, KLCC, March 19th, 2008. My bit is in the last third of the clip, if you want to skip ahead: http://www.klcc.org/audio/VIZCITY%203-19.mp3

My Artists Statement:
Photography of the naked body can and should be artful, celebratory, and reverential.

My process begins with the straightforward appreciation of the human body, first from a primal place as a human male, then adding layers of geometry and personality. I hope to go beneath the surface of skin, not only glorifying the body, but also the complex dance of a particular personality, time, place, mood, light.

I believe the human body is among the most beautiful things on earth. From a purely geometric point of view, the body, especially the female body, has deep primal roots in our being, as the creator of life. Our culture has repressed this, fearful of the awesome power of the feminine. That power cannot be denied however, and so we have pornography and misogyny running rampant. Can we not celebrate the glory of the body, of sex and eroticism even, without losing grasp of the humble awe and heartfelt appreciation for our bodies?

My photography relies on spontaneity and improvisation, openness to possibilities. I try to collaborate with my subjects, and with the setting. I dread treating a person as an object, instead working to make connections in all directions.

I welcome any and all constructive feedback.

Pictures of the gallery, click the image to view large:
gallery image1 gallery image2

I made the seven large frames out of mahogany. Most of the rest of the frames came from Goodwill and St Vincent de Paul's. I had invaluable help in framing from Kelly at Beard's Framing.

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